Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Blog Site Appears from Kid Mercury

IN a game where 2 goalies did appear, this magician made the puck vanish and re appear on Geoff's stick at least 4 times resulting in 3 goals by the opposing team..Geoff was on the white team i was on the black..some magician EH?

Welcome to the new site that Tierry helped me set up, I'm still not sure how it works but this last game saw the White team steamroll us sleepy black players till we finally woke up but it was too little too late..Final score 9-7 for Black....I sucked, and I'm probably looking to become a full time coach and motivator, because another pathetic game like that from me and i may just hang them up, with me attached to those skates as well.

So lets see if this boring blog i just wrote works and then we can look forward to some better ones coming soon



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